I Failed God, Now What?

I Failed God, Now What?

Book Cover: I Failed God, Now What?
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99 USD
ISBN: B01779T93A

by Aaron Daigle

Have you ever done something you told God you would never do again? Have your mistakes hindered your progress?
This book answers the question of what to do after making the mistake.
To move forward after failure, there is…
-One place you must visit.
-One conversation you must have.
-One change you must make.
-One gift you must accept.
-One lie you must refuse.
-One person you must forgive.
-One wrong you must amend.
-And one decision you must make.
Find out what they are and discover the secret to bouncing back after failure.

Reviews:Cleve Fontenot wrote:

The question on the lips of people attempting to successfully serve God is answered in I Failed God Now What. How often do sincere people try their best to have a deep relationship with God only to slip and fall and consequently don’t know what to do next? Aaron Daigle’ transparency regarding his journey with Christ assists the reader in finding the answer to that universal question. Additionally, each chapter concludes with Questions for Consideration that provide the time needed to effectively consider the concepts and solutions presented before moving on. If the reader takes the time to study, thoughtfully consider, and answer each question, then God’s presence provides healing. Thank you Aaron, for demonstrating to us through your life and learning that failing God is not the end of the road, but just another bump in a lifelong journey that we must travel until we see Him face to face.

Rhonda Boudreaux wrote:

Great book. If you wondering if you failed God, you haven't. This book is a great guide to get your life on track. It can be used in small study groups or just as a self study. Definitely a book to refer to again and again.

Terry wrote:

Thanks Aaron for writing this book. It will help many. I will share it with as many people as possible. And I will share the words with many more.


Aaron earned three college degrees, a ministerial license, and 10 years of pastoral experience. Then he learned that living for God and building churches is more than that. It's real. It's authentic. And it is painstakingly difficult. That's why he writes and speaks with such raw transparency - to address the issues Christians face in modern society and help build the local church everywhere.

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