How to Prepare Your Young Child for Success in School

How to Prepare Your Young Child for Success in…

Book Cover: How to Prepare Your Young Child for Success in School

by Margaret Welwood

How to Prepare Your Young Child for Success in School is a simple guide to fostering language development pre-birth to four years old. How does music help? What kind of music? What kind of toys are best? What colors? What kind of books work well for very young children? How much TV should children under two years old watch? And what can you do now to delay symptoms of Alzheimer's when your child is an older adult?

Originally written for parents studying English as a Second Language, this free e-book will also help new parents who are native speakers of English. Get your little one off to a good start with low-cost or free activities that foster self-confidence and language development. Music, books, toys, TV and play--this simple guide outlines choices recommended by experts in the field.


How to Prepare Your Young Child
for Success in School

By Margaret Welwood, B.A. (Psychology), Dipl. (Adult Ed.)

Published by Bomars Ventures at Smashwords
Copyright 2013 Margaret Welwood

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Smashwords Edition, Licence Notes:

Thank you for downloading this free e-book. You are welcome to share it with your friends. This book may be reproduced, copied and distributed for non-commercial purposes, provided the book remains in its complete original form.

Teachers will tell you that the four language skills—listening, speaking, reading and writing—are the keys to success.

You are reading this e-book because you want to help your* young child learn to understand, speak, read and write—four of the most valuable skills in the world.

*In this e-book I use the term “your” child, but please understand that I mean your child or a child that you care for—whether you are an aunt, an uncle, a babysitter, an older brother or sister, a grandparent or a family friend—YOU can make a big, big difference in a little one's life.

The activities I suggest are easy and fun for you and your child.

And they are free . . . or almost free.

Most of them will cost you only time . . . and your child will benefit all his life.


From the Author...

Margaret Welwood

I love stories!

I've been an avid reader, English as a Second Language instructor, and adult non-fiction writer and editor . . . and now I'm writing books for children.

Stories, whether true or made up, have been my travel companions down this pleasant pathway. When our children were little I was the story lady during the morning church service. Years later, I was a volunteer storyteller at our local day care. And I taught English as a Second Language to adults with stories as a mainstay.

I was privileged to edit the second edition of Diane O'Grady's prize winning book, "To Teach, To Learn, To Live: The Complete Diabetes Education Guide for Health Care Professionals"—and the case studies and cartoons were among my favorite parts.

Now a new door has opened into the community of Scissortown and other places in Storyland . . . the worlds I’m exploring with my grandchildren, Tommy and Tina.

But there’s something about Tommy and Tina that has changed the game a bit . . . .

We make up stories together, based on fantasyland happenings with characters with Tommy’s and Tina’s personalities.

Take Scissortown, home of the neatest and tidiest people anywhere. Enter the Slicers and Dicers, clumsy-looking creatures without a mean bone in their bodies, but OBC types who never met a pinking shear they didn't like. They wreak havoc in neat-and-tidy land until the grown-ups come up with a “solution”—and that creates another huge problem for everyone.

Enter Tommy and Tina as I see them, in a make-believe town but with their real and fascinating personalities . . . .

"Scissortown" is the only picture book for children I know of with a choice of inside back covers: faith-based or secular.

Both versions are available from my website in paperback, regular e-book, and enhanced e-book with audio narration and word-by-word highlighting. The highlighting can be helpful to children who are learning to read. It helps them to connect the written and spoken word while enjoying the story.

"How to Prepare Your Young Child for Success in School", "Scissortown", and other books to follow are expressions of my love for my children and grandchildren, and our shared enthusiasm for stories. Enjoy!

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