His French War Bride: Normandy

His French War Bride: Normandy

Book Cover: His French War Bride: Normandy

by Pamela Ferguson

June 1944. Despite her determination to be in Paris to welcome her father home when he escapes from a prison camp, interpreter Christine Arnette must obey when the French Resistance sends her on a secret D-Day mission to Normandy. When her cover story falls apart, the Allies start asking questions. Can she trust them with the truth?

When Lieutenant Harry Dean discovers their beautiful French interpreter lied about her reasons for coming to Carentan, it’s up to him to discover her identity. His gut tells him to trust her, but orders are orders. Is she really a spy? Will his heart allow him to stand by and watch if she’s arrested?

Reviews: Leann Harris on Amazon wrote:

I am a WW2 buff and I enjoyed this story. Set after D-Day Corporal Dean tries to confirm the story of the woman in his office, Christine Arnette. Her story about attending the wedding doesn't pan out. The Americans don't trust her, but after putting her through series of tests, she wins their trust of the Civil affairs unit.
The story gives the reader a picture of that turbulent time after D-Day in Normandy and how the characters deal with the war raging around them and the loss they suffer. It's a good read

About the author

Pamela Ferguson is the author of sweet romances set in the small towns. She loves exploring those day-to-day events that, at first, seem unimportant but woven together comprise a life. Her contemporary romances are set in the town of Lilac. Readers can meet the ancestors of her contemporary characters in her historical romances.

You can read scenes from her upcoming books by visiting her website at http://pamelaferguson.com and signing up for her newsletter.


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