Hills of the Tigers

Hills of the Tigers

Book Cover: Hills of the Tigers

by Richard French

An artist rises above war and the perils of a competitive city to find love and do work that stands out.

“The Hills of the Tigers” takes place in two different environments. In the even-numbered chapters, the painter Carl Norberg writes about his experiences as a soldier in the American army during a war in an Asian nation called Kulon. He decided when he was in high school that he wanted to work as an artist. He dropped out of a college he didn’t like and enlisted in the army to avoid the draft. While in Kulon, he keeps on painting in his spare time. He makes friends with a local artist and his family. As the war heats up, he becomes involved in the dangers of armed conflict.

After his discharge from active service, he goes home to recuperate and moves to a large eastern city called Botolph because his older brother lives there and the local arts community looks promising.

The odd numbered chapters feature people Norberg gets to know in his new city: an older artist, the owner of a gallery, the assistant director of a private library, Nola whom he marries, and others, some of whom don’t like him and do him harm. These chapters also describe the relationships that members of the Botolph arts community had with the controversial, costly, and unsuccessful military effort.

Many novels and news reports about America’s wars and the people who fight them highlight troubles and failure, especially in later life. “The Hills of the Tigers” is right for you if you want to read about a soldier and veteran who – despite obstacles – rises above his experience of the bad parts of life. He finds a woman to love and makes a substantial contribution to the communities he belongs to.

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About the author

Richard French was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1942. He decided when he was in the 8th grade that fiction writing would be at the center of his life. He has written more than a dozen novels now available on kindle and as print on demand paperback from Amazon's CreateSpace. His website is http://www.rfrenchnovelist.com.

After graduating from the University of Chicago, he served in the American army for four years with almost three as a Lao linguist. He has dabbled in the theatre and worked in the banking business in the Boston area. In later life, he served as a pastor of a Lutheran Church-Canada congregation in Sudbury, Ontario. He now lives in Toronto and works part-time at a mid-town congregation.

Zack Pospieszynski designed book covers for his novels. Zack is former director of Toronto's Peak Gallery and is now Program Director, at an innovative gallery called Matter.

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