Book Cover: Hidden

by Marlene Bierworth

He’s a Montana Cowboy and she’s a Boston aristocrat.
Together they are broken ashes and spitfire, discovering common ground in a shared dream. But, even if they can somehow see eye-to-eye and partner-up, their past lives lay in wait, ready to pounce and destroy any chance of a new beginning.

The train arrives at the station on Patrick Jones' wedding day, but his dreams go up in steam when it fails to bring his childhood sweetheart, Genevieve, west with it. Instead, he finds himself burdened with the responsibility of her adventurous younger sister.

While naïve Ruth Ellen has a hidden agenda concerning both Aspen Glen in Montana territory and her sister’s cast-off, she has no idea as to the lengths her prestigious family from Boston will go to stop her from achieving her independence.

Despite Patrick’s emotional battles, he is challenged and intrigued by Ruth Ellen, but it soon becomes obvious that his heart cannot accept the one similarity between the two Thorncrest sisters: Deception.

Do dreams have a plan B? Follow the journey of faith, hope, and love with Patrick Jones, and experience the forces that lay ‘Hidden’ in the first adventure of the Jones-Star series.

Reviews:Patricia Hinojosa on Amazon wrote:

This is my first book read by Marlene Bierworth and I just loved it!
I just fell in love with the characters from the start! Patrick and Ruth Ellen, charming and relatable... are they destined to be together? I won't spoil the story... I’ll just say that it has many twists and ups and downs, but the whole story had me glued to the book! It has everything I like in a book: sweet romance, adventure, humor, a bit of drama and a bit of intrigue. Don’t miss this, I think you’ll love it! It warmed my heart.
And the scenery is beautifully described. This is a great author!
And I will definitely be reading more of her books!

Audrey Rich on Amazon wrote:

The author uses the old west as the backdrop of this romance and it works.

I could see how Patrick and Ruth Ellen, who both come from Boston, can fall in love with the roughness of Montana because the author did a great job describing the scenery.

And the tangible chemistry between the couple is enough to make me cheer the couple, especially through the issues they must each battle.

MB on Amazon wrote:

This is the kind of book where you get drawn in, and I finished it in one sitting.
It is about Patrick, and the sisters Ruth Ellen and Gennie.
The characters are well developed, and I just love Ruth Ellen.
The story has twists and turns, and you want to keep on reading to see what happens next.
The book is very well written and recommended if you enjoy drama and romance.

Marlene Bierworth lives in Ontario, Canada and loves to write family rated books. It is her goal to inspire her readers to "Dream Big Dreams and Live Big Lives" and to "provide a wholesome reading alternative."

She seasons her stories to include action, adventure, romance, and emotional conflicts, with the meat of the tale touching on issues that concern families in any time period. When the story is told, the book ends, whether it is a short story or a full-length novel.

Marlene's first writings targeted 'teens' and the 'young at heart', her focus is to cross the generation gap and entertain families.

Life's experiences feed Marlene's imagination and from them evolve characters and adventures that will keep the reader turning the pages. Fiction is her favorite genre but non-fiction is now available. The ABC's of Marriage, complete with worksheets for study and reflective purposes was written for couples or group study.

For the adult audience who enjoy sweet romance, in a historical setting, with cowboys in western Montana, then the Jones-Star series is for you. Enjoy the adventures of this family saga with romance leading the way. A weekly newsletter: inspiration and Clean Romance book deals. Sign up today: http://eepurl.com/djNqjn

"Life is an adventure waiting to be told" and it is Marlene's goal to "help book lovers experience it to the fullest."

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