Heaven’s Doors Are Open

Heaven’s Doors Are Open

Book Cover: Heaven's Doors Are Open

by Blake Western

The Bible is timeless. It speaks to every age. It is not time dated. People in all cultures read it as if written only for them. It is like reading a personal letter from God. The Bible communicates with both young and old and with people from all cultures.

Some of the things you will read about in this book are the following: Jesus, Our Best Friend, Jesus Surprises, The Fullness of Christ, The Way To The Father, The Grace That Overflows, God Created All Things, The Ultimate Poverty, The Song That Never Ends, Laughing Christians, Becoming A Child Again, Going Home, How We Should Pray, and many others. You will find something that will pertain to your situation in life here. The intent of these messages is to speak clearly so everyone will see who Jesus is and what He has done for us.

Reviews:https://www.amazon.com/gp/profile/amzn1.account.AFE5ZZGGTAJFC54ZTW5L6GK7CFTQ/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_gw_tr?ie=UTF8 on Amazon wrote:

Overall, it's a short book of very brief sermons, which means that the book covers a wide range of Christian principles, without digging theologically deep on a single theme. I will likely reread it as good supplementary devotional reading or when I need to be encouraged once again about the core truths about Heaven and what Jesus promises to those who believe in Him.

Laverne Gray on Amazon wrote:

An inspiring collection of brief messages from God’s word. An easy read in layman language, perfect for daily quiet times or devotional thoughts to comfort and reassure. Whether to learn or to lift, this book will bless you.

Blake Western was born in Wayne, Oklahoma but grew up in Purcell. He was a pastor in Oklahoma for six years before going to Japan where he served as a missionary from 1966 - 2000. Not only was he a preacher, but he used music in his ministry. Even today he has many opportunities to play the piano. Now retired he sings in the choir of his church and serves as the organist. He travels to various countries on short-term mission trips where he has been teaching a class on the Preeminence of Christ for the past ten years.

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