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Haven’s Flight – Christian Book Club

Haven’s Flight

Haven’s Flight

Book Cover: Haven’s Flight

by Dena Netherton

How can you flee from an unseen enemy?

Haven Ellingsen enrolled in Life Ventures Therapy Camp in the Cascade Mountains to help her heal from horrible memories of her mother’s violent death at the hands of an armed robber. But now, a greater fear dogs her steps. The rustle of leaves or the snap of a twig could be nothing. Or it might signal the sinister presence of the stalker who won’t stop following her. It seems like a cruel trick from God to throw Haven into another dangerous situation only a year after her mom’s murder.

He hides near her tent and listens to the girl talk with the counselor. Mostly she talks about her father. She’s unhappy, and he can’t stand to listen and do nothing about it. He needs to rescue her. He needs to make sure she doesn’t ever go back to that man. His own father was the cause of his mother’s death. And Ruth’s. He can’t let that happen again. Not with this girl. When the time is right, he’ll take her away to his hidden cabin where she’ll be safe. And he will feel peace for the first time in years.

Can one month of survival training equip a girl to face all that the rugged wilderness and a madman can dish out?

Reviews:Audra Harders on Amazon wrote:

Haven Ellingsen suffers the effects of a traumatic event, finally seeking the help of a wilderness survival type program to help her recapture her former self. Haven appreciates the confidence the program instills in her and is ready to resume her normal life - but normal is the last thing you'd call the turn of events that sends Haven into the hands of a psychopath.

Haven's Flight will make you search deep within yourself to see if you have the courage and strength to trust in God when your Goliath looms over you. When your normal becomes the stuff nightmares are made of, will you succumb or overcome? Just how creative can you get when all routes of escape appear blocked?

Deftly written, including a killer ending, Haven's Flight will have you looking over your shoulder to make sure you're not being followed

Ruth Dameron on Amazon wrote:

I appreciated how an event could be important at a given point in the story and not give away that it would also be important in a different way later on in the story. I can't give an example without giving away parts of the story.

I read this book in just a few days, in between doing many other necessary things; kept finding ways to squeeze in a few minutes of reading, to keep going -- it was quite gripping.

I can be a cynical, rational type of person and I very much liked that this story's facts held together and made sense. Rather than "painting" a story, it's more like the author has architected a three-dimensional structure of a story. Well done!

Jay N. on Amazon wrote:

The target audience for this novel is most obviously young Christian adults, but I think it will have a wider appeal. Any reader who likes a suspenseful story, with well-drawn characters and a beautiful -- and beautifully described -- setting, will be drawn in. Haven is a sympathetic protagonist to whom we grow truly attached, and the villain, Dade, is frightening because he's so believable. In the course of the story, Haven slowly recovers her memory, as well as her faith in God, but, because Dade is still out there, her problems do not end. Of course we want them to, and, given the author's skill, I expect the next installment in Haven's story will be just as satisfying as this one was.

Dena Netherton is the author of both Christian Romance and Christian Suspense fiction. Born and raised in northern California, she was educated at Oberlin College Conservatory of Music, the University of Michigan, and the University of Northern Colorado. Her many musical experiences as both a performer and teacher have provided her with delicious memories from which to draw when developing new characters and writing compelling stories. The first of her new Christian thriller trilogy, Haven's Flight, ( out of Write Integrity Press) released in the the spring of 2017. Dena's new Romance novel, High Country Dilemma, (out of Anaiah Press) released in the summer of 2017.
Haven's Hope, the second in the Hunting Haven series released in the Spring of 2018. Look for the release of the third installment of Hunting Haven series, called Haven's Fire, in May of 2019.

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