God’s Will For Our Daily Lives

God’s Will For Our Daily Lives

Book Cover: God's Will For Our Daily Lives


by William J. Luke

Includes large full colour "Seven phases of spiritual development" chart, via separate download or email. The product of over 15 years study, this book clearly explains Christ's teaching concerning God's will for daily life. And it shows that His teaching is complete and final.

Other books about God's will for daily life consistently say either that we should, keep the ten commandments, live by the new testament letters, or follow divine inspiration. These are the three main schools of thought today, and they are all flawed.

The bible clearly says that we are to do what Christ says, and this book clearly explains it. From the basic phases of spiritual growth, to the controversial issue of sin in a believer’s life, this book clarifies all of God's will for daily life.

In this groundbreaking explanation of Christ's teaching [sermon on mount], you will find God's will clearly defined and explained. You will learn what God requires of every one of us, including:

  • Spiritual development - from acceptance of Christ's gospel through to maturity.
  • Sacred duty - from enduring persecution to producing a testament.
  • Rightness in life - concerning the Mosaic Law, works of faith, and Christ's Law.
  • Goodness at heart - in relation to God, possessions, and people.
  • Rightness in God's sight - concerning the teaching of man, of Christ, and of the devil.

You will also learn that Christ is the supreme authority concerning God's will, and our complete salvation [armour of God].

Whether you are a church leader, a Bible believer, or a person yet in search of the Truth, GOD'S WILL FOR OUR DAILY LIVES will once and for all resolve any ignorance, misunderstanding, or curiosity, that you may have concerning God's will for your daily life.

Includes a FREE full-colour chart, via download.

Reviews: M. Rogol on Amazon wrote:

Very simple and true. I agree with his understanding of the Bible.

Carolyn A. Butler on Amazon wrote:

Having God's will in our lives is a daily journey. We can't put Him down and pick Him back up again when we feel like it. God is so Good to us all the time. This book has so many wonderful Bible verses to aid in understanding God's will. We have so much we gain eternally. This is a wonderful teaching book.

Flo Sure on Amazon wrote:

I would highly recommend this book. Insightful and helpful in understanding the old and new testament teaching. I learned a great deal and I'm grateful for the new understanding.

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