Give A Damn!: The Ticket to Cultural Change

Give A Damn!: The Ticket to Cultural Change

Book Cover: Give A Damn!: The Ticket to Cultural Change

by Mark Lewis

“Give a Damn – The Ticket to Cultural Change” is for individuals and organizations that need to develop a stronger awareness and understanding of their toxic thoughts, which lead to behaviors and actions that are selfish, irresponsible and destructive. This occurs globally across all organizations, government and in the home. This book creates an acute awareness of what has lead us down this path, and provides the solution for a simple, but also challenging mindset change that is necessary for society to prosper. Once accomplished, it will lead to greater happiness and success for all.

Traditional values such as honesty, trust, accountability, responsibility, altruism, and integrity are the foundation of moral wealth and prosperity; yet such traits are not integrated into our thoughts and actions. The Give a Damn philosophy articulates how the development of our society in combination with our selfish thoughts and actions towards others degrade society. It involves a high commitment to putting the needs of others before those of self in both big and small ways to improve interpersonal relationships and help motivate and inspire positivity. The Give a Damn theme is a program that provides offerings that each individual, employee, CEO, and all organizations can implement, leading to greater success, happiness, and clarity in life and business. Give a Damn is the positive ticket to cultural change for society, and it begins with you and me.

Reviews: Neal Johnson on Amazon wrote:

Just finished reading Give a Damn - great message as only my friend - Mark S. Lewis can present. A really good read, highly recommend for anyone who really wants to understand what truly Give a Damn really means!

Jozef Syndicate on Amazon wrote:

Shift your mindset, make small and large unselfish gestures, and you will change the culture all because you give a damn. Sounds simple enough, right? Author Mark S. Lewis believes it is, and he has penned an easy-to-grasp guide for anyone ready to re-connect to community and transform the culture. Far from cliche, Lewis’ Give A Damn philosophy projects steps, scenarios, and challenges for readers to realign their habits with the core beliefs of treating people and society with care. It’s about reacting to each other positive and giving ways as frequently and genuinely as possible.

“Together we can push society back in the right direction, one person at a time until collectively we can make a difference. Give a Damn is the ticket to cultural change,” Lewis proclaims. His goal is to guide readers to a better mindset of becoming more conscious and caring without requirements of money, strength, or talent.

Give A Damn is ideal for readers who have decided to intentionally work on and deliberately change their selfish and irresponsible behaviors: those that surface in private and professional settings which are isolating, unjust, condescending—or just plain ole mean. Lewis challenges readers to act in big and small ways to help others, to be happier and more successful, to fulfill their purpose in life, and to make Give A Damn™ a big part of what they do no matter the path they take.

A Give A Damn™ attitude is contagious, he writes. It is being more attentive and more appreciative. It means valuing and respecting others in every way, valuing their time, feelings, background, perspective, and preferences. He provides very specific steps to start a Give A Damn movement. Read this book with a team of colleagues, friends, or family and watch the transformation.

Much like Michael Gladwell’s thoughtful but simple presentations that combine theory and life application, this book written by the former executive of the Louisiana Technology Council offers anecdotes that reiterate the simplistic behavior shifts that Lewis believes will improve society. He says this can be done with accountability, responsibility, trustworthiness, caring for others, character, and generosity of spirit.

If readers glean only one motivation from the plethora the book offers, it should be Lewis’ wife’s favorite saying, “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you even can!”

William D. Smith Jr. on Amazon wrote:

Mark and I have been friends for many years. He is an entrepreneur, a thought leader,
successful dad, and amazing writer. I bought the first edition of this book a while back before all the issues arose with BLM, sitting for the National Anthem, anti-police protests and the like. I am sure glad I did. I now have the second edition. The forward by Steve Gleason is awesome. The new material Mark includes in version 2 is very effective in taking Marks efforts to the next level. What a smooth read and inspiration. Our current controversial times seem so despairing and hopeless at times. Way too many people have become complacent and indifferent about others and the total state of our country. Society is killing itself. Our own actions, independently and collectively, determine not only our outlook but how we treat others. Give a Damn can be an effective tool for business, education, and personal lives. Giving a damn starts with you. A must have read.

Mark was born and raised in Rochester, New York. He received his BS degree in Finance from Boston College and an MBA in Marketing from Tulane University. He worked for IBM for 13 years, before forming a New Orleans based Internet Service Provider (ISP) and also starting and supporting several other successful business ventures and consulting groups.

Mark served for 10 years as President of the Louisiana Technology Council (LTC), assisting with the technology development of Louisiana. In November of 2005, Mark was selected by the Governor’s office as Technology Leader of the Year for the State of Louisiana. Through his leadership Louisiana became one of the top three states in the country in technology job and wage growth.

Mark left the LTC in 2012 and is currently the President of Communique LLC, an entrepreneurial business coaching firm based in New Orleans. Mark helps coach CEO's to become wildly successful, moderates 5 CEO Round tables in Louisiana, is the volunteer membership director for EO of Louisiana, is the Project Coordinator for Louisiana’s Annual IT Symposium and owns a fiberglass manufacturing company.

Mark's passion is to help make the world a better place to live in. Based on his life, coaching and entrepreneurial experiences he wrote the books Give a Damn for 4 reasons: 1) To help make each individual a happier person, 2) To help happy people make other people happy, 3) To help make the world a much better place to live in and most importantly, 4) To help find a cure for Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS)!

His goal is to create a Give A Damn revolution that consists of ONE MILLION+ members.

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