Defeating Insecurity, Transforming Relationships, Building Character

Book Cover: FREE TO BE

by Sarah Tun

FREE TO BE helps to prepare you for God's Call. Through prayer, scripture and relationship with the Holy Spirit, you can overcome guilt, shame and fear to discover ALL God has created you to be.
Discover the person God made you to be and live, free to be yourself.
Inner healing is available through God's Word and the healing power of the Holy Spirit. We who are in Christ are meant to be free to be who God has created us to be.

Are you happy with who you are? Are you living the victorious life, abundantly and freely as GOD intended?
Or do you still wrestle with low self esteem or fear and insecurity?

I used to walk around with a cloud over my head that was such a part of my life that I didn't even know it was there. That cloud was the constant awareness of what was wrong with me. But now it's gone! I've learned how to appreciate myself and others in all circumstances. Did you know we aren't meant to have a cloud over our heads?

Believers in Jesus and unbelievers have something in common: we carry burdens we aren't meant to carry.
I've learned how to spot the burdens, how to repackage some into opportunities and ditch the ones that are oppressive or soul-destroying. And you can too.

Join me on a journey that will take you from the darkness into the marvelous light of Truth. Having self-esteem is possible. Are you ready to accept yourself, and discover all you were born to be?

Reviews:Allie MacPhail wrote:

Within this book is an honest and open dialogue by Sarah Tun about the inevitable challenge this world sets before us. What you will find is the humility of an author who dares to put before us a struggle we all have and the greatness of A God who provides hope and strength to be set free.

Dr. David Bradley wrote:

Well, this is not just another book! These pages are filled with wisdom and inspiration, and very clear direction, from the author's own experience and emphatically backed by scripture, on how to overcome personal insecurity. Its subtitle ` Defeating Insecurity, Transforming Relationships, Building Character' persuaded me to buy this book as personal insecurity has been a lifelong struggle for me personally; being happily married to a wonderful lady for just under twenty-five years has been one way in which the Lord has improved matters greatly, but recovery from personal insecurity can be extremely long and painful.

Having read this book, my only regret is that I did not obtain it earlier as I believe it has the empowerment of neutralising many deep rooted aspects of such insecurity. The preface itself is so positive and offers the reader such great hope that when I read these few pages, I was unable to put the book down. Many times as I was about to start reading this book, the devil sent some distraction to prevent this from happening and because this kept happening I realised what it was and I told satan to be gone; thereafter I committed to reading the book without interruption and I was left alone.....I will always be grateful to the author in sharing so generously the tools and truths we need to overcome insecurity and rejection and to be free to be ourselves.

One feels a sense of peace very early in the book just by reading the author's autobiography in section one, for what comes across loud and clear is her honesty and transparency in sharing her pain. Anyone reading this book needs to realise very clearly that what God did for the author, Sarah, he will also do for them.
We learn very early in the book that the effects of pain can be overcome - that they can be left where they belong, in the past. The present can then offer us an opportunity to enjoy being the unburdened person that has evolved.

The book covers very important areas - forgiveness and humility. Without understanding and applying both of these in our lives, we cannot attempt to model our lives on that of Christ, and we are therefore not be able to find peace. That's why it is so important that Sarah covers them so effectively. She makes it abundantly clear that forgiveness means not only forgiving others but forgiving ourselves too.

I am grateful to Sarah for her emphasis on the effects of condemnation. The devastation that is imposed upon us by others' criticism and harsh words can have a traumatic effect on the life of one inclined to be sensitive, but again we are offered freedom from all of this.

I am glad this book covers the subject of judgment and in particular wrongful judgement. One of my favourite scriptures says so much in just a line: Judge not and thou shall not be judged. As a Christian I remind myself of this every day.

As I was reading this book, I heard a recurring message which I believe the Lord was placing upon my heart: that this book would be extremely therapeutic for anyone who may be on the verge of, or suffering from, a nervous breakdown. What Sarah shares in these 200 plus invaluable pages is more helpful, more valuable, more positive and full of more backed up promises than one could ever receive from a psychiatrist or any professional within that spectrum. In fact I would respectfully suggest that such professionals should obtain and read this book.

Unlike many books of similar subject matter which tend to be very vague to the extent that one wonders what is being said, Sarah's book is exceptional in its clarity and totally meaningful substance.

About the Author...

Sarah has been writing stories since the age of seven, when her school principal published two of her stories which she wrote after being sent out of class for talking too much.

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, she has lived on three continents and travelled to most of the others, learning “tuns” about life on earth... and beyond! Her ideas come from imagination and a love for people. She particularly adores teens and empathizes with them for the challenges, temptations and ambitions they face, with so much passion for life and so little experience of it.

When Sarah isn’t cloistered in her study, writing for her audience, you can catch her presenting on Revelation Television, or playing in a park in Spain with her husband and son.

Sarah is keen for all readers to discover the strength inside of them, and from the Creator, who has put into each of us a unique identity and purpose.

If you are interested in finding out more about her most recent book CONFRONTING THE DARKNESS please follow this link to this LARUS PRESS WEBSITE BOOK PAGE:

Author and entrepreneur, Sarah has founded Larus Press: Building the Kingdom One Reader at a Time


"I have been writing since forever, and through everything I publish runs a common theme:
Who are you: spiritually, personally, professionally? I write to enable you to discover the fullness of who you were born to be. Don't we all seek to be the people we were created to be? Through fiction and non-fiction my books inspire you to seek out personal freedom and to walk in the freedom Jesus Christ died to give you.

"I personally have walked with Christ for over 30 years. Sometimes He's been in front of me, sometimes next to me. If you're like me, you've often I've rushed ahead of him; yet, he is ever-patient."


"I was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada to Kenneth Ross (Bishops University Valedictorian 1933 - or thereabouts) and Grace MacPherson Ross (Secondary School English Teacher). Wrestling with childhood and adolescence, I graduated from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. After teaching high school drama for eight of years, I was itchy to live in New York City (1 year) and London, England (19 years). Key moments to date have been salvation by God's grace (1984), marriage (1993) and parenthood (2004).

"Yes, I began my career as a high school drama teacher, but hungry for personal and professional growth, God led me to explore acting. I moved from my home in Canada to NYC and then to London, England. My travels and training led me to discover a personality inside me that I never knew existed, and eventually to full time writing.

"In 2000 I received His call to write, where I have found vocational fullfilment. I've been personally surprised, protected and invigorated! It is my goal to encourage each of us to accept who we are and to celebrate. My desire is that all of us will be free to be precisely the people we've been created to be."


"My journey has been both an emotional and a spiritual one. I have grown out of willful insecurity to live under God's sovereignty. His grace has come alive for me, enabling me to grow beyond my narrow self-concept, toward my potential.

"Varied cultural experiences and worldwide travel have taught me the value of personal identity, building authentic relationships, and surrender to God through Jesus Christ. Abused, disowned and rejected, I triumphed, to offer perspective, wisdom and experience to others.

"Life is full of surprises! Having lived in the UK for some 20 years, I re-settled in Canada where my first two books, FREE TO BE and THE FAITHFUL PRINCE, were published. However, I recently moved to Spain with my husband and son and work in close association with as presenter and assistant producer.


"I have founded Larus Press to build others toward their full potential and identity in Christ. I also offer personal coaching and critiquing, and from time-to-time I preach."


FICTION: young adult fiction, and a preschoolers' storybook

NONFICTION: personal growth, and a “how to” navigate social media (a collaboration with fellow author and marketing expert Tom Blubaugh).

"I invite you to get to know me better, through my books, blogs and through my television broadcasts.

Bless you!"


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