False Beliefs

False Beliefs

Book Cover: False Beliefs

by C.L. Shaffer 

The Serpent Seed Doctrine, an old title that persists, is the belief that Eve had a sexual encounter with Satan described as "that old serpent" in the book of Revelation and that Cain was born from that union. The work provides a brief analysis of the sources for the Serpent Seed Doctrine outside the biblical text. It then investigates verses that supporters of the doctrine used in the Bible. The Kenite Myth, which is the idea that Cain was Satan's physical child whose descendants later became known as the Kenites, is examined through biblical and rational argument. Other beliefs of the Christian Identity Movement are covered, including Anglo-Israelism, the notion that white Anglo-Saxons are descended from two Israelite tribes.

More specifically, in this book:
Find out why the fact that the same Hebrew word which is used for Cain and the Kenites does not help support the Serpent Seed Doctrine

Read how recognizing that it was not an apple that Eve ate in the garden of Eden also does not assist the doctrine

Discover the unbiblical sources for the Serpent Seed Doctrine

Come to know what Nephilim meant originally, not what it has come to mean

Gain the biblical and factual information needed to refute Anglo-Israelism, the Edomite Myth, and the Khazar Theory

Understand why the concepts of the "Gospel in the Stars" and Pyramidology are anti-biblical teachings

Reviews:JoJo Maxson on Amazon wrote:

C.L. Shaffer combats the Christian Identity Movement as it creeps into churches by those who seek to find truths yet uncovered. This movement presents false data that turns people away from pursuing sound doctrine as they focus on fables for entertainment. False Beliefs: The Serpent Seed Doctrine & Kenite Myth is useful as an in-depth study presentation with multiple sources of links which allows the reader to search out the truth and come to their own conclusion.

I found C.L. Shaffer very comprehensive as I read on these two topics, which I did not know much about beforehand. False Beliefs: The Serpent Seed Doctrine & Kenite Myth isn't linked to a "religion" it is straight doctrine teaching from the Bible that clarifies what the Bible says about these bizarre ideas that are wreaking havoc. Shaffer explains about the different translations in Greek that simplifies what the Bible says. I found this very informative, but at times I had to reread a paragraph to fully understand the new terminology.

Archie on Amazon wrote:

An informative book!
An informative book wherein the author has used knowledge and reasoning to challenge the teachings of the Christian Identity Movement. The author has simplified Bible verses and delivered a complicated message in a much simpler way. The book is a useful guide for anyone struggling to understand the truth, provides source links and additional information, and it’s informative for anyone else to educate themselves on this subject. The book requires time and attention to understand the author’s perspective.

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