Faith and Thoughts

Faith and Thoughts

Book Cover: Faith and Thoughts
This collection of forty-two devotionals stretches from the exciting first Call of God upon a life to the eternal joy of life alongside Him. Many of the devotionals relate to the every day experience of the challenging, but rewarding, Christian life. Each devotional has been inspired by God, but I do not claim them to be "the Word of the Lord."

The Christian life is lived in the midst of a non-Christian world. Without frequent communication with our Lord we cannot live it successfully, and certainly not as examples of what it means to be a Christian. Thankfully, God is always available and eager to talk with us. His frequent message is to share His love with others. This world needs the message of the love of Jesus Christ, and it is up to us to make this love available on a regular basis. God's love for Man is best shown when we allow it to flow through us to those we meet, but the written word allows us to speak into the lives of people we will never meet. I have taken this opportunity to speak into the lives of those I will not meet, and I hope that God's encouragement reaches all those who read this short collection of my experiences of His encouragement.

This collection of forty-two devotionals does not claim what Nathan claims in II Samuel 7:4-5a, "...the word of the Lord came unto Nathan, saying, 'Go and tell my servant David, 'Thus saith the Lord....' ' " Even though I do not claim that statement, "Thus saith the Lord", for this book, I will say that each devotional has been inspired by Him, sometimes immediately after prayer and sometimes later after much thought. Topics stretch from the first Call of God on a life to the prospect of eternity lived walking beside Him.

About the Author...

I was born to a loving family in a town of 200 in southwestern Pennsylvania in 1941, grew up there and graduated from Forbes High School in the same small town of Kantner. After graduating from Penn State, I began teaching math and science in Dallastown Public Schools in Dallastown, PA. The next year my sweetheart and I got married in a double wedding with her twin sister and her fiance, and then took an eight-week camping honeymoon across the USA with Norma's sister and new husband (separate tents of course). After a few years I became a counselor and moved to York Campus of Penn State. My brother-in-law and I became interested in the potato chip business, and we started Saguaro Potato Chip Co. in Tucson, AZ. Our customers didn't do as good a job as we did, so we exited the chip business and re-entered education, leading to my position of business manager of Vail School District just outside Tucson. Within a few years the principal of Grace Christian School asked me to join the staff, and I agreed. I was math/science teacher and business manager until I got the bright idea to go into the photography business full time. Once again, the customers didn't do their part. After Norma retired from teaching, God called us into a ministry to people in campgrounds, Creation Beckons, and we have been in pursuit of doing that full time since then.
In the midst of all this, God blessed Norma and me with three great blessings, our three sons, Tim, Brian, and Jason. Their presence in our lives is a larger blessing than I could have ever imagined, and they have brought three beautiful ladies, Michelle, Adrienne, and Danielle into this family with no daughters. Our latest blessings are seven grandchildren, Josh, Megan, Emily, Jonathan, Benjamin, Haley, and Noah. I never really understood how each of us could be God's favorite until I had grandchildren, but now I understand because I experience the same feeling that each one of my grandchildren is my favorite.
Throughout my life I have enjoyed putting thoughts to paper, and when I began receiving inspirations from God, I began writing devotionals on many different topics. I hope you will enjoy the ones included here.
God bless you with His best!

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