Everyday Apologetics: A 100-Day Devotional Journey in Defending the Faith

Everyday Apologetics: A 100-Day Devotional Journey in Defending the…

Book Cover: Everyday Apologetics: A 100-Day Devotional Journey in Defending the Faith

by Stan Lewis

Everyday Apologetics is a 100-day devotional book that introduces the reader to various concepts in defending the Christian faith. This book is designed to be read daily, and the short devotional thoughts are meant to challenge the reader in their understanding of apologetics while encouraging the reader in their daily walk as a Christian. Everyday Apologetics is designed to be an easy to read devotional which promotes the concept that apologetics is for every believer and can be used every day in our walk with Christ. This book can be used for personal devotion or can be a helpful gift for anyone who is struggling to defend their faith or are needing effective and compelling reasons for the validity of the Christian experience.


About the author

Stan Lewis was born in Milton, Florida in 1967, and since he grew up near the beach, he has a great love for the mountains and places where there are no tourists. Stan’s first love is the Lord Jesus Christ and he has been a follower of Him since September 11, 1984. He attended far too many colleges and institutions of higher learning to list, and in reality, some are far too embarrassing to mention, and others might be embarrassed if they were mentioned. Stan is an ordained minister and has served in churches in Florida, Louisiana, and Alabama and over the past 30 years, he has traveled to many countries sharing his faith, training leaders in open and underground Christian work, and enjoying his encounters with new cultures and food. His hobbies and interest include photography, woodworking, hiking, science fiction, clay shooting, boating, aviation, attending his daughters’ sporting events, and cheering for the University of West Florida women’s volleyball team. Some of the books that he enjoys are The Pilgrim’s Progress, The Pilgrim’s Regress, military biographies, and any book by Charles E. Jefferson. Stan resides in Pensacola, Florida (nowhere near the mountains) with his lovely wife, Kristin, and their three beautiful daughters, Brittan, Lauren, and Ashlyn.

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