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Esther’s Song: A Novel – Christian Book Club

Esther’s Song: A Novel

Esther’s Song: A Novel

Book Cover: Esther's Song: A Novel

by B.G. Brainard

Esther’s Song presents a realistic fictional account of Esther; the Jewish queen immortalized in the Bible book bearing her name. This historical novel imagines how a Jewish orphan, adopted by her cousin Mordecai, successfully navigated the lethal corridors of a royal harem, withstood palace intrigue, and overcame religious persecution to marry Xerxes, King of the Persian Empire, and save her people from extermination at the vengeful hands of Haman the Agagite

Reviews:Elisabeth Schock on Amazon wrote:

I have read hundreds of "bible stories" over the course of my life. None have had high-level marks in so many areas that ESTHER'S SONG does. 1) It is a page-turner - I stayed up late reading it every night until finished. 2) It is meticulously researched and historically accurate - one could be either a biblical or Mesopotamian scholar, and no inaccuracy could be found. 3) It has the rare quality of being intellectually stimulating AND an upbeat, positive rendition of an old story that many have heard but never been truly interested in knowing more about. Brainard brings this ancient story into modern-day parlance and relevance with interesting, compelling and strong female characters that are easily understood and admired by the 21st-century woman, whether one is religious or secular. I give it a high recommendation!

Lillian Ammann (Lillie) on Amazon wrote:

I really enjoyed this fictional account of Esther becoming queen and saving the Jews. A lot of things in the story aren't in the Bible, but I didn't see anything in the story that conflicted with Scripture. It's a fascinating tale of what might have happened along with what really happened. Esther has always been a favorite Biblical character, and this story made me like and admire her even more. There were more editing errors than there should have been.

Anne on Amazon wrote:

Good story with some interesting historical possibilities. I kept reading with interest and was intrigued with the potential lifestyle of Queen Esther, but in truth, it was not a captivating story, just a good, mild read. The writing was not extraordinary nor dramatic. I had read and studied the book of Esther several years ago, but I am inspired to re-read the Biblical story and compare it to the possibilities described in the story. I'm grateful I read this story though and would recommend it

Dr. B. G. Brainard’s passion as an historical fiction author is to bring the Hebrew Scriptures to life one book at a time through meticulous ancient Near East research and numerous excursions to the Middle East. Her first book, Esther’s Song, presents a realistic account of Esther; the Jewish queen immortalized in the Bible book bearing her name. The second book, Babylon: Center of the World, is the story of the biblical wise man Daniel’s captivity under the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar. The third book in the GRACE IN EXILE TRILOGY is Jerusalem Bound!, which covers the return of the priest-scribe Ezra to Jerusalem and revival of the law of Moses, Nehemiah, cupbearer to the Persian king Artaxerxes, fulfilling his mission to rebuild the Jerusalem wall, along with the ministries of the so-called minor prophets Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.

She lives in Oregon with her husband, five hundred orchids, and a little red barn. To learn more about the author and her Midrashic style of filling in the white spaces of the biblical narrative that God intentionally left blank within the known parameters of the biblical story and historical record, please visit her website at

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