Enough Already! Overcoming the stigmas of alopecia

Enough Already! Overcoming the stigmas of alopecia

Book Cover: Enough Already! Overcoming the stigmas of alopecia

by Sizakele Mdluli-Chaplin

"Most importantly, the hair must speak in volumes of long, silky locks which should voluntarily bounce as one moves about, inviting the attention that approves of the quality, and therefore the qualification of a beautiful woman."

What defines a woman's beauty? What steps are we willing to take to seek approval from the world's definition of "beauty"?At what time do we take a stand and say, "I am beautiful, no matter what!"
Sizakele Chaplin was born in South Africa in the Zulu culture during the apartheid era. She went to school with Caucasians whose hair "ran silky and bouncy all the way down their backs", and she felt she had to fit in and look the part in order to be accepted. At 31 years old, patches of hair began to fall off her scalp, leaving her permanently bald.
Enough Already! Overcoming the Stigmas of Alopecia is the story of Sizakele's journey from searching for approval and lacking self-worth to being strong, transparent, and defining her own self worth and definition of beauty. Her story is moving and compassionate, unashamed and beautiful, vulnerable and triumphant. It is a revealing picture of living with alopecia in a world that has a skewed definition of beauty. Her story crosses racial and social classes, religious and educational hierarchies, where no one is immune, and everyone is vulnerable. It a story of rising to victory with self-love, inner strength, and the desire to help others who are struggling through their own personal journeys.
Reviews:Sandra Z Zikalala on Amazon wrote:

take the journey with this is author as she suddenly discovers she was losing all her hair, at the prime age of her womanhood. the unfolding story is set in a South African township, in Durban area. the medical doctors kept misdiagonosing her hair loss, until one day she was told it was Alopecia and it was uncurable. As a black woman at her prime age of her life, how do you face this challenge in a culture that prizes hair --judged by the amount of money and time we spend on it. How do you navigate life, beauty standards that do not fit you, dating, finding a partner. this book is emotional, interesting and easy read. I enjoyed it . I learned a lot about . take the journey with her, you will laugh, cry and celebrate with her in the acceptance if hair condition. her challenge to society standards of beauty.

Nancy Gitkin on Amazon wrote:

"Enough Already" is the personal experience of someone with a particular problem. She addresses the problem and her experiences in a well-written format. I especially liked the way the chapters related to her spiritual inspiration. But, the most impressive part to me is that there is a universal message that applies to the many ways that people can feel alienated and how they can find the courage to go on.

Kevin T (Durban, NJ) on Amazon wrote:

Powerful author, amazing and honest story about struggle , stigma of alopecia and the strength to not need to cover up, wear wigs and redefine the “societal standard” for beauty (especially for women and their hair). Enough is enough, somebody had to share this story - it’s not easy but Siza is one of the Bravest women living right now.

Sizakele was born in South Africa and now lives in New Jersey with her husband. She serves in ministry alongside her husband. Siza’s call is ministering to women who are going through challenges. She is a champion of womankind, an activist and an advocate for Alopecia. Leading, inspiring and teaching women to be the best they can be.
She has degrees in Environmental Health, Public Management and a Masters degree in Business Leadership.

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