Dare to Live Greatly: The Courage to Live a Powerful Christian Life

Dare to Live Greatly: The Courage to Live a…

Book Cover: Dare to Live Greatly: The Courage to Live a Powerful Christian Life

by Larry Fowler

Every Navy SEAL has one thing in common: they first graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training in Coronado, California.

To survive this unnerving training you have to be physically tenacious, mentally robust, and prepared to die, if necessary. Dare to Live Greatly is a powerful personal testimony about leadership, personal growth and inspirational faith that proves everyone is called to be a victorious warrior in life. No matter how dire the circumstances, the mind of a SEAL will never give up—nor should any Christian.

When Larry Fowler became a Navy SEAL BUD/S trainee, he could barely swim. Nevertheless, he somehow survived “Hell Week” and graduated.

His belief is that if he can survive Hell Week, you can survive and thrive where you’re at right now. Larry says it takes the same grit, courage, and tough-as-nails perseverance as a Navy SEAL in training to live the life of a true Christian. In his inspirational book, Dare to Live Greatly, he reveals how faith is continuous, action-packed, and a constantly fulfilling adventure.

Reviews:Angela Bazzell on Amazon wrote:

I just got done reading the ENTIRE book! I did not put it down! It was Amazing! God is the Author of this book and Larry was a vessel! I am so thankful that Larry allowed himself to be so transparent, stripped and authentic and was willing to share his journey and the true meaning of this life with others. So many goosebumps while I read this book. It was as if God was jumping off the pages reminding me what this life is about and how we are to run this race, to the best of our ability. This book shows how much of a better race we will run allowing God to be our Author! I would recommend this book to all ages; genders, and all that are looking for a Hope in this world!

Mark Buckingham on Amazon wrote:

Read it, live it and gift it! No superlatives just how it was and how it is. Larry Fowler spells out what it takes to succeed as an individual and as a team throughout multiple phases of life and its inevitable challenges.

You'll be entertained by the stories (you’ll laugh and wince), as well as, be enriched by his wisdom. If you take it to heart, I’m certain your life will be enhanced in numerous ways. I’m also certain that futures readers will echo my praises for “Dare to Live Greatly” for many years to come.

CGulledge on Amazon wrote:

Great book full of wonderful stories that will challenge and encourage you. It will challenge you on your faith and encourage you when you are facing the troubles of this world. A good quote from the book, "...... they don't panic or run from their pain, fears or anxieties, they run toward them." The author (Fowler) is a former Navy Seal, father and husband, a business person, and Christ follower.

One of my favorite lines from the book, " confidence is also learned, not a gift". The author connected his stories of joy and suffering, to his faith.

Read this book if you want to have a stronger mindset and power in your faith.

L.C. (Larry) Fowler was born and raised in the southern United States. He gave up college to follow his dream of attending Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL (BUD/S) training and become a famed member of the Navy Special Warfare community. The only problem was, someone forgot to tell him you had to be able to swim.

Despite that seemingly insurmountable issue, Larry went on to successfully graduate from BUD/S Class 89 and was selected by his peers at Navy basic training as their “Honor Man.” Since then he has launched more than a hundred websites and built two software and marketing companies from scratch.

Following the death of his third son, Chris, Larry made the decision to write Dare to Live Greatly: The Courage to Live a Powerful Christian Life. Larry understood then that surviving as a powerful Christian in today’s world requires the courage, grit, and the unnerving perseverance of a Navy SEAL in training.

In his spare time, Larry enjoys college sports, spending time with family and friends, ocean swims and reading while digging his feet in the sand. Larry enthusiastically believes that everyone has a unique, God-given purpose for unchartered success.

Larry was an invited guest at the White House and has trained with Christian personnel across the globe, including Pakistan, Indonesia, China, and other countries at all organizational levels.

Even while living with Lymphoma cancer, he has learned to live each day to the max.

Larry loves to receive comments at Publisher@NavySeal.com. He is genuinely grateful for all book reviews.

  • Gina Burgess

    Dare to Live Greatly is a wonderful book but has a several technical errors (the reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 stars). I can’t help but read books as an editor because that’s my day job 🙂 so these typos, punctuation, and capitalization errors were distracting for me — they probably won’t be detected or be distracting to the general public except for teachers, and professors, and other editors :). For some reason, there were a lot of things missed, which can happen even to the best professionals.

    The content far exceeds and overcomes the annoyance. This is a super correlation between Navy SEAL training and living the Christian Life. Living Christian is hard and those who do it well do it well because they want to please God and be obedient to Christ. God gives us the ultimate training, and that is on the job training that we get in a nasty, dark world. Fowler gives you an amazing, clear vision of how to tackle living Christian.

    The content is very good, very uplifting and encouraging. He not only tackles common challenges and opportunities that Christians face daily, but he also shows how to overcome them and capitalize on them. That is often times rare in these types of books. The examples are excellent, the quotes are very apropos, and the SEAL steps for dealing with anything in life are way beyond good. I can definitely tell that God was the guiding hand in this endeavor. A joy to read, study, hide in my heart. Fowler’s biblical knowledge is a pleasure to read because the insight is clearly Holy Spirit led and God taught, not man-taught. Another rare thing in this type of book.

    The rat sandwich and the Tijuana sludge bath were a bit hard to take. I have an excellent, overcharged imagination and I could taste that spoiled rat, and I could smell and feel that sludge. That is excellent writing. However, it is also stomach churning. My professional self is applauding and saying great job, but my personal self was gagging. It was a bit hard for me to stay focused, especially when he mentioned them while making another point or two in the narrative. I definitely appreciated the descriptions of events and places… I could feel the cold and the heat, and generally used most of my senses while reading. Excellent.

    Fowler made living the Christian life come alive with purpose. This is a keeper.

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