Cycles Of Hatred: Will He?

Cycles Of Hatred: Will He?

Book Cover: Cycles Of Hatred: Will He?

by Linda Heavner Gerald

What is wrong with some men? They believe they love women while they say inappropriate things. Maybe in their mind, there are thoughts of violence or depravity. These individuals are misogynists.

Misogyny is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls. Misogyny is manifest in numerous ways, including social exclusion, sex discrimination, hostility, androcentrism, patriarchy, ... Wikipedia

Laura’s twin brother was one. The family knew for years that he harbored mean feelings toward his sister. Lars’ father had talks with him as he begged that he change his ways, but the boy couldn’t do it. Eventually, he was sent away to Phillips Academy. Keeping the twins apart helped but when they were together, the same behavior surfaced. What was the answer?
Laura loved Lars deeply even though he treated her with disrespect. Eventually, his actions demonstrated the most depraved and extreme misogyny on record. How could a twin brother hate his sister this much?

Reviews: Robert Krueger on Amazon wrote:

Is it evil if the perpetrator does not realize it is evil? What factors the mind to be what it is?

After reading the Prologue, there is no putting the novel down.

Primarily, the story is told through the eyes of Laura, the personal account of her life, certainly not an ordinary one. The story has a larger theme, however, as it examines one kind of evil; that of the misogynist. Laura, even as a child in the face of hatred, finds and to the best of her ability gives love.

Laura's family is rich, but tragedy -- her parents are killed in a plane crash -- changes her young life. She is whisked away to live with an aunt in Italy; fortuitously, the aunt is a loving person. Her brother, Lars, is sent to boarding school. It is obvious that there is something mentally amiss that reflects in his hateful actions and attitudes, part of a dark family secret. The reader traces Laura's life and her inner self.

Mostly, but not entirely, the story is told with quiet drama. Religious belief, Laura's underpinning, plays a role in the story. Reviewed by the author of The Children's Story, About Good and Evil.

Robin Leslie Coxon on Amazon wrote:

Ms. Heavner Gerald's book, Cycles of Hatred, is told through the eyes of the female twin, Laura Lombardi. The story of the good and evil in is very despairing beginning. With the birth of twins, a girl - Laura and a boy - Lawrence, to parents who came for "old money" backgrounds. Laura and Lars were placed in boarding schools so they didn't cramp their parent's life-style. With the death of the father and mother in a plane crash, the twins are sent in different directions. Laura is sent to Spain to live with her paternal aunt, Sophia while Lars is placed into yet another boarding school. The twins were not close and Lars was not afraid to make this known. Their story is one of a disruptive childhood that continues into adulthood. It will draw you in and hold you captive until the end.

Nelson S Edgeman on Amazon wrote:

This book was a little out of my normal reading habits, but I can absolutely say it was a refreshing change of course, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was great to find an author who is not afraid to incorporate serious, even frightful, topics with the power of faith and believing in a higher power for meaning and forgiveness. Laura had every reason in the world to fear, even hate, Lars for everything he had done to her and the ones she loved. But, in the end, even though she suffered great heartache, due to his actions and betrayals, she made the most ultimate act of forgiveness she could have. What a refreshing ending! Proving with God, all things are posible, and there is indeed light after the darkest moments, if we only look for them and trust in Him. I really encourage others to read this book! I couldn’t put it down!

Award-winning author, Linda Heavner Gerald, rocked the house on August 4, 2018, as she received an unheard of six awards for her books of 2017. She also received the 2017 prestigious Florida Authors and Publishers Award for Fiction. Linda received recognition from the women's empowerment group, Spirited Woman, with her book, The Soldier And The Author. She was also voted One of Fifty Great Writers You Should Be Reading by the public as well as voted a finalist in Novelunity which features authors from all over the world.
If you love Mystery/Thrillers with a twist-of-Romance, her books will draw you into their story. Linda is retired with her husband. They live on the Gulf of Mexico with their cat Jackson Brownie Gerald. Currently, she has fourteen published novels. Her goal in writing is to demonstrate that regardless of our actions, redemption is possible. Her books are of substance with something to challenge or encourage. A medical background allows her to incorporate current facts which she hopes may cause a reader to seek professional advice for problems that may not earlier have seemed important. Linda believes that a book should be more than a "good read;" it should provide relevant information. This world traveler delights in transporting her fans to places they may never have visited.
Linda's current book, Rosemary's Beach House, is a Romantic/Suspense. Your review on Amazon will be greatly appreciated.

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