Cosmic Warrior

Cosmic Warrior

Book Cover: Cosmic Warrior

by Quinton Brodt

Quinton Brodt is no pastor or theologian, just a regular person like you, who is seeking something much greater than himself. After hitting rock bottom Brodt went on a journey to discover himself, and what his purpose was in life. This discovery led him to the Christian Bible, and the everlasting love and desire that God has for His people.

The Bible is a very large book with an abundance of information that can be very overwhelming to some. Cosmic Warrior breaks down each book of the Bible in a simple and concise manner to easily understand the fundamentals of what is being conveyed by God. In addition to providing supplemental information to the Bible, Brodt equips the reader with knowledge that is instrumental in understanding what it means to be a true Christian, and follower of God.

Cosmic Warrior is not a book that claims to be a source of hidden knowledge that can only be obtained for a price. Not at all! Brodt believes in, “Not wanting to profit off of the prophets.” Cosmic Warrior presents knowledge and wisdom about the Bible and God that should be freely available to everyone. Thus, Brodt has vowed to make a free digital version of this book available at numerous eBook platforms.


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