Confronting The Darkness

Confronting The Darkness

Book Cover: Confronting The Darkness

by Sarah Tun

Experience the world that we know exists but cannot see. Through the eyes of ten-year-old Jasper, discover the supernatural world of angels and demons, good versus evil.

What happens when Jasper's family disappears and she must find them? She enters a parallel world where she must face challenges to find herself. CONFRONTING THE DARKNESS is something we must all do, to discover who we truly are.

The world we know about but don't see, the world where light and shadow meet - the supernatural world - that is where "Confronting the Darkness" takes place.

This new supernatural science fiction series takes you from earth to alternative time dimensions where science meets fantasy and offers you a supernatural experience that pits good against evil....

What if you woke up to a world of utter silence and total isolation? When 10 year old Jasper realizes her entire community has disappeared, she must face an altered world of shadows and demons to find her own strength and purpose.

Will she overcome her doubts and fears or will she be consumed by them? Journey with Jasper as she discovers, no matter how young you are, you hold truth within you that the whole world needs in order to survive.


Reader's Experience

This book can take you from merely surviving to facing and overcoming your barriers, because this book is an experience. You can discover how to face a challenge way beyond you, to become the person you’re meant to be.

I urge you to continue into Jasper’s story. Get into her head, and discover your own thinking. Get into her heart, and find out what matters most to you. Get into <=Confronting the Darkness - Book 1 of Between Realities and experience what happens inside and around us, even when we think we are alone.

Reviews:Andrew Charles wrote:

This stunningly excellent book totally surprised me! Why? Well to start with it is a distinct rarity that I read a novel. I read factual books. I was sent a copy of this book which I looked upon with some trepidation owing to my struggle with novels. How wrong I was to be even a little concerned by my usual reticence for reading this type of book; even more so as it is predominantly aimed at the children’s marketplace.

I was truly amazed as to how I started the book and could not put the book down. I read from cover to cover in one go. It is a truly wonderful, gorgeous book that would bring joy to any child’s reading time. Personally, I think that this book would aim towards young (ish) girls/teens, aged 9 -14.

It is a truly joyous book; with beautiful descriptive quality throughout. Sarah Tun writes wonderfully bringing the dark mysterious and worrying start of the book through a joyous encounter with Japer’s protector’s which brings light and love back to the world; dispersing the evil that endeavors to destroy Jasper, her family …Jasper even gets to help her scientist father solve a huge question concerning the Universe – I shall not tell you what that is – read this glorious book, and find out yourself….
Andrew Charles, MBA

Julia Casada wrote:

From the very first pages, this book will grasp your total attention and you won't put it down. With great creativity and a lot of fantasy, the writer describes, in an excellent way, the spiritual world in which this little girl of ten (Jasper) lives through events that seem more real to her than her physical world.

The book is for all the ages. Don't miss your opportunity to read this book for free.

Julia Casada

About the author

Sarah Tun's Personal Character Study:

Welcome to my world... from the inside out. I am a writer, it is true. But as are we all more than our careers, I am much more than a writer...
I am an analytical person, introspective, and use that in my creative flow to pinpoint motivation of character and theme of story.
I am an insightful person, proven repeatedly by my development and understanding of character, be they literary or historical.
I am a sincere person, which has manifested itself in the trust I’ve received from complete strangers.
I am a complicated person, moody, deep-thinking, and inconsistent in personality (but never in character).
I am a motivated person, always keen to get the lesson out of every experience and to share it, whenever possible, with others.
I am a woman of several career experiences, which has eventually culminated in writing. I’ve been an author for 7 years, a writer for several more. Prior to that, I was a performing artist, singer, teacher. I earned money in lean times or as a student (which is a subset of the former) through waitressing, selling wedding dresses, office administration and property management.
My education is varied and always yielded top marks. I have a Doctorate in Ministry for my life’s work in the study of the Bible and ministry toward others. I am an ordained pastor. I first began theological study through YWAM nearly thirty years ago. In the secular, I have two university degrees from Queen’s in Kingston, Canada, in Education and in the study of Drama. Not having exhausted my love and curiosity for the thespian tradition, I studied acting in NYC and London, graduating with an Acting Diploma, before earning a membership to British Actor’s Equity.
My main hobby is to enjoy cinema, and secondarily reading. I sing (though no longer professionally) to please the LORD, and I tend to enjoy it myself as well.
I am nearly-but-will-never-be old, have silver hair, and am slightly overweight for my build, but I’m long-waisted so (I’m told) I carry it well. I have golden eyes, good teeth, and a big hug for anyone who is willing to be hugged. I laugh a little, and when I do it’s usually loud. Being born in Canada but living in the UK has its price: my prairie-style volume doesn’t really suit congested and ever-so-polite English society.
I’m married happily, and have one teen-aged son who communicates fairly well, and have a step daughter and step son-in-law who were gracious enough to make me a grandma recently.
I’m happy, content with who I am for the most part, yet always seeking to grow and improve what I can, and trust GOD to deal with the rest.
Sarah Tun © 2019

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