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Child of Emptiness – Christian Book Club

Child of Emptiness

Child of Emptiness

Book Cover: Child of Emptiness

by Biff Price

Who is the Child of Emptiness? “He will be born in the sixth year, in the sixth month, on the sixth day of the month. He will be empty, and he will be filled.” With what will he be filled? What is his purpose? The prophecy has been found, and the one who discovered it is crucified in the Coliseum in Rome. What role will the young man from America play? What does the future hold? What is coming into the world? In Child of Emptiness, Biff Price has drawn a cast of unforgettable characters together – good and evil – in a tale that spreads across continents to an inexorable confrontation that will leave you wondering when these events will take place? It’s later than you think…

Reviews:Joan Shaw on Amazon wrote:

This is a very faced story with highly developed characters. This book will be one you can't put down. This is a story all should read its message is very important for this day and age.

Theresa Annie on Amazon wrote:

There are so many different stories going on at once I can’t put the book down! It’s exciting, scary, intriguing and romantic all at the same time! A definite MUST READ!!

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