Born-Again Losers

Born-Again Losers

How to Win by Losing!

Book Cover: Born-Again Losers
Editions:Kindle: $ 9.99 USD

by Rick Hoover

Born-Again Losers: How to Win by Losing! If you’re discouraged by the direction your life is taking, you’re not alone. Born-Again Losers doesn’t shy away from discussing the expectations, challenges and disappointments of life or with the ministry. In it, author Rick Hoover frankly recounts his unique response to the life that shaped who he would ultimately become – one that should serve as encouragement to others looking for inspiration and guidance.

While we all come from different avenues of the Christian faith, there’s common ground to be found in the author’s insightful conclusions about spiritual growth and maturity. God teaches his children everything they need to grow and be faithful followers in route to His eternal kingdom. We just have to be faithful to keep on believing. Rest assured the Lord is right there with you every step of the way. Though the path may appear dark and confusing, keep holding His hand, because He really does know what He is doing! Born-Again Losers reinforces the notion that you are never alone in your walk with God


About the Author...

Rick Hoover is a former pastor and ordained elder in the Wesleyan Church. He has pastored three churches in Indiana and Maryland and served as District Secretary in two different positions while in that role. He has run for public office on three different occasions and appeared on TV and radio. This is his first published work as a free-lance author. He is currently available for speaking and teaching engagements. He has two grown children and currently resides in central Maryland with his wife.

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