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Blind Man’s Run – Christian Book Club

Blind Man’s Run

Blind Man’s Run

First Blind Astronaut

Book Cover: Blind Man's Run
Editions:Kindle: $ 0.99 USD

by DW Grant

Will NASA let a blind astronaut pilot a billion $$$ spacecraft? This is the story of John Aaron Moses, a child born to a rebellious teenage mother in an old farm house who is adopted by his little town and taught to see life and capture it in his heart and hands. A wind of destiny at his back, as he pursues education, comedy, and his goal to become a astronaut. And that wind will blow him further, and change the lives of all those around him . Come feel the wind at your back. Read his story today.

Reviews:Liz.P. wrote:

Fun and different!
I loved the book, and have already bought Part 2 because I’m eager to read the rest of John’s story. I think you will be, too. It’s fast paced and interesting, with the few snatches of humorous dialogue that give us clear pictures of the random characters that influence John’s growing up years. The second half reads more as expected, with plenty of dialogue as the story follows John’s love life and career until he achieves his goal of being in space. It's easy to forget that John is blind, as it doesn't seem to affect his life, but that's the point!

The book isn’t preachy at all, but John’s faith is clearly a part of him, and the brief description of how he arrived at that faith as a teenager was especially fascinating to me. ~

Elly wrote:

Outstanding book, recommend for thoughtful people.
I loved the book!


DW Grant is a publisher and a writer almost 50 years of experience in newsrooms and editorial offices. He began writing at 16 when his English teacher surprised him with an "A" on an essay assignment. That one teacher turned his life around. Thanks Mrs. B!

Since then DW has edited his high school newspaper, served his college newspaper, and been an award-winning writer and editor for military publications. He has been a feature writer on daily, weekly, and monthly papers, and a successful freelancer to publications around the world.

DW Grant lives with his wife and son, and three cats in Medford, Oregon where he also writes books, show reviews, and travel articles for various publications.

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