Bible Study Guide for Beginners (The Bible Study Book 1)

Bible Study Guide for Beginners (The Bible Study Book…

The Bible Study Book 1

Book Cover: Bible Study Guide for Beginners (The Bible Study Book 1)
Editions:Kindle - Second Edition: $ 2.99 USD
Pages: 334

Throughout the ages, people have turned to the Bible for guidance and hope. This Bible study book serves as a road map for the beginner to develop an appreciation of the Bible and make it a part of their daily living.
All 66 books of the Bible are covered in detail, including:

• Author of each book and the time frame in which it was written
• Key themes for each book
• Summary of the message in each book
• A devotion for contemplation and further exploration

Immerse yourself in the stories, prophecies, and messages of the Bible and discover anew the awe-inspiring force, mercy, and healing power of God and Jesus Christ. Graceful and inspiring, Bible Study for Beginners brings the reader back to the basics and opens the way to a direct relationship with the living Word of God.

Reviews:anon on wrote:

This is an easy to read and understand study guide and the new and Old Testament. My husband and I read it together and enjoyed how are explained passages that we didn’t understand.

When studying the Bible or wanting to learn more on a subject this books gives you that. It tells you what each book of the Bible is written about

Enjoying this book. I have been searching for a book for new beginners in Christ that will provide a simple synopsis of each book in the Bible that easy to understand. This book is an excellent introduction for new believers. EXCELLENT book!!!

About the Author

Brian Gugas is a writer, an author and a Bible Study teacher.He is a father to 2 sons and husband to a very wonderful wife.

His favorite book is The Bible. In fact, his mission is to inspire and encourage everyone to read The Bible. The aim is to encourage you to spread the word of God, inspire you & your family to live a life which is faithful to God.

The books are a means to connect with you and make sure that you have the required knowledge and tools to learn and study the Bible.

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