Bayou Justice

Bayou Justice

Book Cover: Bayou Justice

by Robin Caroll

Alligator conservationist Coco LeBlanc knew real fear when she found a body in the clutches of her beloved beasts. Fear turned to horror when she saw that it was one of the Trahan clan—and he'd been shot in the back. Her ex-boyfriend, Luc Trahan, had dumped Coco two years ago when she refused to give up her family's centuries-old voodoo traditions, and he didn't know about her newfound faith. Now, as they and their families become prime suspects in the grisly crime, they'll have to work together to clear their names before the Cajun killer strikes again.

Reviews:lighthouse88 on Amazon wrote:

The action takes place in the Bayou along with a mystery is the work of CoCo LeBlanc in preserving alligators. CoCo’s parents are gone, she lives with her grandmere and her younger sister Tara there is another sister but she has moved out of the house. CoCo is still recovering from heartbreak when Luc decided to leave her at the altar two years prior.
Now CoCo is a believer who is praying constantly for the salvation of her grandmere and Tara who are practicing voodoo. Luc’s father is gone and his mother sometimes soothes her hurts by drinking, his sister Felicia is wheelchair-bound so the grandfather is the one who rules the household. Beau Trahan is known by the town to be a hard man who rules his businesses with an iron fist and little heart. He is counting on Luv taking over the casino business however Luc has other plans.
When Beau Trahan is murdered and CoCo gets his body away from alligators she unwittingly becomes the number one subject. Tension builds throughout the book and the sheriff is known by most people as the small-town kids grew up together. Clues begin to take such a turn that before long readers will see there is more than meets the eye in this story! It is a wonderful mystery filled with history and fraught with danger. I cannot wait to read the second book in the series to see where the author is taking the characters and readers next. The next book is titled Bayou Corruption join me for more exciting adventure in the pages!

M. Palmer on Amazon wrote:

Book 1

First of all, I will confess that I've read the last book in this series by mistake (Blackmail). One of the characters, briefly mentioned in this book, is the main character in the last book. It was hard reading her character in this book...I've read the synopsis of the rest of the books in this series and thought the cast of characters who would eventually have their own adventures are rather interesting. One person in particular who was described rather negatively...well...I have trouble picturing him as a romantic hero - but that's what's so exciting about reading these books!

In this first book, we meet an ex-voodoo priestess, Coco LeBlanc (don't care much for the first name, but that's just something personal). Coco was engaged to Luc two years ago, but because of his father's death and her lack of belief in Christianity, he broke it off. the two suddenly find themselves thrown together when a murder has nearly everyone a suspect. It's all very interesting, I must say.

The romance was what I expected it to be. Both were hesitant (okay, one was hesitant, the other was eager) to start a relationship, but it was obvious there was a lot of chemistry there. The person behind everything was not a big surprise, but the mystery they discovered together was rather shocking. The author spared nothing. Those we love and respect sometimes turn out to be not so good people

B. J. Robinson on Amazon wrote:

I have read the entire series and loved it, but this novel was my favorite in the series. You don't run across many bayou Christian-themed books, and that is why I truly loved this series. The author does a great job with descriptions of the bayou as well You can visualize and smell them from her writing. I loved the character Co Co and her spunk and spirit. The beauty of nature is well described. Romance with Luc is woven wonderfully. Most of all, the author tackles the Christian theme and does an awesome job with it while providing a book the reader won't want to put down until they discover what happens in the bayous of Louisiana, my home state. Love this series!

Robin Caroll grew up in Louisiana with her nose in a book. She still has the complete Trixie Belden series, and her love for mysteries and suspense has only increased with her age.

Robin’s passion has always been to tell stories to entertain others and come alongside them on their faith journey—aspects Robin weaves into each of her published novels.

Best-selling author of thirty-plus novels, ROBIN CAROLL writes Southern stories of mystery and suspense, with a hint of romance to entertain readers. Her books have been recognized in several awards, including the Carol Award, HOLT Medallion, Daphne du Maurier, RT Reviewer’s Choice Award, and more.

When she isn’t writing, Robin spends quality time with her husband of three decades, her three beautiful daughters and two handsome grandsons, and their character-filled pets at home in the South.

Robin serves the writing community as Executive/Conference Director for ACFW. To find out more about Robin, visit

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