Basic Information Before Leaving Earth!

Basic Information Before Leaving Earth!

Book Cover: Basic Information Before Leaving Earth!

by Denise Jenkins

Basic information we need before we leave this earth. Paul is writing to Gentiles in this dispensation. We are saved by believing Jesus Death, burial, and resurrection + NOTHING if we truly believe Him!! This book is about salvation!! Without that we have nothing. Hell is real, but people don't like to talk about it. Instead, so many souls go to eternal damnation because they refuse to acknowledge and love the one who created us, and then saved us! It happens so many times each day. With all their sin debt already paid, people are walking into Hell. If Jesus wanted us to pay our own sin debt, then He would not have gone to the cross and done it for us! He suffered a beating beyond description as a man! He was nailed to that Roman cross. None of us are good enough to do it. He paid it all. Believe Him! We have only until our last breath to make that decision. Once we stop breathing, the default place people go is Hell! Unless you have believed and trusted in Jesus Christ who has already paid it all. 1 Corinthians chapter 15 vs 1-4 among many other places in God's word explains this. The law was given by God to Moses for the Jews to follow in the days of the law. Paul was given grace by the resurrected Jesus Christ to give to us in this age. Belief plus nothing equals salvation. Take the free gift He has suffered so much for us to have. It's not about rules after the cross, but about His love for the people, He created. When you know and believe how much He suffered to pay your own sin debt. it will change you. What could matter more than our eternal destiny? Nothing could. If you start seeking God with all your heart, strength and mind, he will reveal Himself to you. He wants every person to be saved, but people will not listen. They are like I was for almost 50 years. They are letting the temporary things of this world take precedence over everything. I have righteousness only because Jesus imputed His to me. None of it is my doing. It's all His. He does it all after we believe Him! Jesus is the wisdom of God. He is in complete control of it all, so why not look to Him and find out what we need so desperately to know? Don't listen to your pastor unless you check out what the bible says. It is not that hard to understand once you have that Holy Spirit in you. That happens when we believe the gospel. Deceivers are everywhere. In churches and bible studies too. They don't even know they are being deceived as they deceive others. If they insist you tithe or get baptized or join a church or anything else for salvation, then run! Salvation is a free gift given to us from God who sacrificed His own Son to save us. If you work and follow Jesus then you will have a better life here and rewards in heaven. You will make God happy, but only if you are saved. If you are not saved, then you are God's enemy. You are either with Him or against Him. There is no in between. Once you start understanding God's word to us it is exciting. It will bring you peace and you will have no fear of dying. Death is horrible if you are going to hell. There will be fire and darkness and worms and pain. Its all in the bible. You can find me on Facebook if you choose to. I would love to hear from you. If you don't think any of this is in your bible then just send me a message on Facebook and I will show you where it is. Please get a King James Version of the Bible. It is so much better. I have seen so many important words left out of some of the other interpretations. We are saved by the blood of Jesus and yet they leave that word out in some verses. Without blood, there is no forgiveness. Not our sinful blood, but Jesus sinless blood. He is the only one who could have saved us and He did. There is salvation in no other name. Jesus Christ is the power of God. His pain and humiliation and separation from God to pay our sin debt was real and it was so much more then we can even imagine. I love Him so far above anything because He has loved me and saved me.

Reviews: AP on Amazon wrote:

I love books about faith. I love reading compelling stories of how people found god and the reasoning behind the changes they make to a lifestyle that may have strayed from a godly path. I feel like this book could have been great. I read it through 3 times waiting for a moment when I could truly connect with the book and that’s when I realized that’s what was missing! CONNECTION!
This book rehashes important, meaningful parts of the Bible like so many other books about finding god and finding faith do. But here’s the thing, there’s no deep meaningful examples to connect with. The author starts to do this....but never FOLLOWS through. For example, in chapter three there is mention of the author having panic attacks and and nightmares. She feels a need to get up and read Psalms 23 and 24. Why? What was the compulsion to read those passages specifically? What was going on in her life at the time? What was the root cause of the nightmares and panic attacks? Maybe it was too personal a moment to share with the reader? But isn’t it the point of a book? to share information? Make a connection that the reader can empathize with so that it may hopefully change them in some way?
The book also constantly makes mention of “not being saved and living the wrong type of life” .....except there’s no mention of what exactly that kind of life was like...another missed opportunity for a deeper connection with the reader. I kept waiting for that “yes, this is an amazing book.” Or even a moment I could relate to and empathize with.
One last example of where the author could have expanded and made this a more meaningful reading experience. There’s a chapter at the end about prayer. The author says: “I believe in prayer. God can change people if they will let him. I have seen it happen in my life big time!” Annnnnnnd that’s it. No examples. This is a PERFECT opportunity to offer the reader a Golden nugget of knowledge. A place for connections to be made and its missed...again.
I think this author could stand to go back in and write more. There are good bones...but this book lacks a deep dive. And this book is SHORT! A very quick read that could stand a few more pages!

Annie on Amazon wrote:

I am not finished but am enjoying reading this book very much. This is not a "Religious" book. This book provides the truth Rightly Divided which is the only kind of book I'll ever read again. It is an easy while very educating read for someone new to RD' me. I didn't quite understand the reviewer who thinks it lacks "connection". What more "connection" do we need than the Word of God? Thank you Denise...and for teaching that JESUS SENT PAUL. Paul is our Apostle. We are the Body of Christ. Romans through Philemon.

Anatha Bryant on Amazon wrote:

Wow! I love reading this kind of book. It's been a long time since I stopped reading a religious book. This is a well-written book and it inspires me a lot. Would definitely recommend this book to my mom and sister.

About the Author...

Denise Jenkins

I have two grown boys (along with their families)and a husband who I love very much. We are retired and live in Benton City, WA. We do not have a rightly dividing church here, so we study our bibles at home and we watch a program called Les Feldick on WHT for a bible study each morning.
We have grandchildren whom we love very much!! They are almost grown now.
We love dogs! We lost two of our doxies last year and we were without any dogs for awhile. they both had Cushing's disease and both went blind years before they died. We missed them so much that we got a puppy. She is so good for us. It gives us companionship.
We ride trikes for exercise. We have so much fun with them! They are much easier to ride then regular bikes. You can find me on Facebook! Blog

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