An Abundance of Grace

An Abundance of Grace

Book Cover: An Abundance of Grace

by Lynn Kavanagh

A unforgettable story of forgiveness, love and the power of prayer.
Do you struggle with understanding God’s love? Do you find it hard to forgive yourself hiding behind a
wall of pretense, a prisoner of past mistakes? Perhaps events in your past have made it difficult for you
to understand love at all never mind a God that is overflowing with love, forgiveness and grace.
You are not alone. The author takes you on an emotional journey of her life from a dysfunctional childhood through an
abusive marriage into a life that she never thought possible. Struggling with the scars of abuse,
abandonment and rejection she explains how God’s unconditional love carried her through the most
difficult circumstances of her life. Opening up a new life of freedom and peace. Isaiah 61:1-3 “…to
bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning….”

Reviews: Deblplm on Amazon wrote:

The honesty and vulnerability of self reflection reveal the intimacy with which God treats us as he allows us to make the necessary changes in our own lives to see Him for who he truly is. As Lynn weaves her own damaging past into the precarious situation of the present, God's hand is evident in every detail. There is nobody that wouldn't benefit from this amazing account of God's grace in the most difficult circumstances. Lynn's style of writing captured me immediately, drawing me in as if I were experiencing this with her!

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