All Nature Sings: A Devotional Guide to Animals in the Bible

All Nature Sings: A Devotional Guide to Animals in…

Book Cover: All Nature Sings: A Devotional Guide to Animals in the Bible

by Ben Cooper

All Nature Sings is a devotional book about animals in the Bible. It is written to answer the question, “What can we learn from animal characteristic traits as it relates to our Christian walk with the Creator of all things?” Since all scripture is “God-breathed,” there are lessons to be learned by looking into these created beings. This book can be used for sermon illustrations, Bible study, children sermons, and homeschool curriculum. All of nature sings God’s praises. This book was written to help us learn to listen for them.

Reviews: Lillian Bennett on Amazon wrote:

Great book! Ben educates the reader about the characteristics of the animals in the Bible and also how it relates to our spiritual life. It is very well written. I recommend this book for devotions.

Ken Lintz on Amazon wrote:

This is truly an amazing book that is very enjoyable to read and quite educational. It gives good parallels between Gods animals and us. It will make you excited to share this book with all your loved ones, family and friends of all ages.

Tammy J Stonestreet on Amazon wrote:

Ben Cooper’s book “All Nature Sings” is a excellent book to read, for all ages. I truly enjoyed reading it, and didn’t want to put it down. It brought me closer to our creator and touched my soul. Absolutely loved it.

Ben grew up on a small family farm in western Pennsylvania where he was active in 4-H. He later went on to Penn State University and obtained a degree in Agricultural Science in 1984. While at PSU, Ben focused on plant & animals sciences, was a member of the Penn State Livestock Judging team, and did a 4-month Internship at the Heifer International ranch in Arkansas. After graduation, Ben went on to work 32 years for Maryland Dept. of Agriculture as a Conservation Planner, where he retired in 2018.

He is an avid beekeeper which started back in his 4-H days. He now mentors new beekeepers and teaches courses at Allegany College of Maryland. He was awarded Maryland Freestate Beekeeper Citizenship Award in 2017 for his work on beekeeping legislation for Maryland.

Ben is a graduate of the Cornerstone Bible Institute, a 3 year Continuing Education outreach to systematically study the Old and New Testament, as well as Christian doctrine and theology.

He has been involved in short-term Christian missionary work traveling to parts of the USA and the Caribbean islands of St. Lucia and St. Kitts.

Animals can bridge social, economic, cultural and language barriers to bring people together. Using a lifetime of firsthand experience with animals and a dedication to the Christian life helped form the basis of his first book, All Nature Sings.

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