A Winding Trail to Justice (Reluctant Redemption Book 2)

A Winding Trail to Justice (Reluctant Redemption Book 2)

Book Cover: A Winding Trail to Justice (Reluctant Redemption Book 2)

by Reg Quist

Zac Trimbell has found himself in Las Vegas, New Mexico where a troubled lady, Claire Maddison, arrives at his ranch seeking help. Claire’s sister and brother-in-law are missing, and all their cattle has been stolen. The sheriff advised Claire that if Zac can’t help, no one can. Trig Mason pushes his way into the search and together the three set out to solve the mystery and return the cattle.

The sister and her husband are located wounded and weary. They are taken back to the ranch while Zac and the others look for the lost cattle. A long ride following the churned up, the grassy trail takes them back to the gold country of Colorado.

While Zac continues to struggle with his post-Civil War PTSD, he makes it his mission to help where he is needed and see that justice is done.

Now it’s time for the age-old question, “Is it still well with your soul?”

Reg Quist’s pioneer heritage includes sod shacks, prairie fires, home births, and children’s graves under the prairie sod, all working together in the lives of people creating their own space in a new land.

Out of that early generation came farmers, ranchers, business men and women, builders, military graves in faraway lands, Sunday Schools that grew to become churches, plus story tellers, musicians, and much more.

Hard work and self-reliance were the hallmark of those previous great generations, attributes that were absorbed by the following generation.

Quist’s career choice took him into the construction world.  From heavy industrial work, to construction camps in the remote northern bush, the author emulated his grandfathers, who were both builders, as well as pioneer farmers and ranchers.

It is with deep thankfulness that Quist says, “I am a part of the first generation to truly enjoy the benefits of the labors of the pioneers. My parents and their parents worked incredibly hard, and it is well for us to remember”.

Quist’s heart was never far from the land. The family photo albums testify to how often he found himself sitting on a horse, both as a child and into later life, when he and his wife owned their own small farm, complete with kids and horses.

Respect for the pioneers, working alongside skilled, tough workmen, and learning from them, marrying his high school sweetheart and welcoming children into the world, purchasing land for the family to grow on, and riding horses with the kids, all melded together to influence Quist’s life and writing. Over, and under, and wrapped around his life is Quist’s Christian heritage. This too, shows itself in his writing.

Quist’s writing career was late in pushing itself forward, remaining a hobby while family and career took precedence. Only in early retirement, was there time for more serious writing.
Quist’s writing interests lie in many genres including children’s work, short lifestyle stories, cowboy poetry, western novels, plus Christian articles and novels.

Woven through every story is the thought that, even though he was not there himself in that pioneer time, he knew some that were. They are remembered with great respect.

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