A.S.K.ing for Success

A.S.K.ing for Success

Book Cover: A.S.K.ing for Success

by Shan-Nel D. Simmons

You want a new job, or you are struggling with how you transition from being an employee to entrepreneur? Have you tried A.S.K.ing God?

A.S.K.ing is when we actively ask, seek, and knock for God’s guidance in our endeavors. Author Shan-Nel D. Simmons shares how her faith in God allowed her to leave a comfortable government job to live out her dreaming of owning her own business.

Based on Bible verse Matthew 7:7, this book explores how God can create opportunities for you and transform you as a professional and person when you ask, seek, and knock. This quick read book also works a workbook with reflective questions and encouraging scriptures after each charter to provide you further guidance as you transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Reviews: Ashley J. on Amazon wrote:

This quick read is an open and honest testimony of one woman's experience starting her business by faith and it was right on time. It's a surprisingly interactive workbook - offering scriptural references, as well as faith and business-minded questions that allow the reader moments of introspection. I would recommend this book to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

Belicia on Amazon wrote:

I so appreciated this quick, honest read about how one’s faith can truly lead you to your purpose! I was given new insight to a scripture I’ve probably read over a thousand times. Thank you for your truth which has certainly encouraged me and my hubby to pursue our destiny!

Brandon S on Amazon wrote:

This story is a true testament to having faith in God as you step into the unknown as well as the power of God working in your favor. After reading it a second and third time it became apparent that not only does God move in our lives but also in the lives of those around us so that we may all be a blessing to each other. Taking a leap of faith can be a scary undertaking full of fear, doubt, and disbelief but those to that think that they can’t do it, have a couple questions for you. Is there anything to hard for the Lord? Is there anything that he can’t do? The answer to both of those questions, is No. Of course not.

This story has truly inspired me to trust in the Lord with my career and not remain comfortable for the sake of playing it safe. If you’re miserable at your job, ask God for help while you think of your next move. Whatever you do, He’ll move in your favor.

About the Author...

Shan-Nel D. Simmons is a fixer and a motivator. Armed with over 15 years of experience and education in tax and accounting, she is the founder and sole owner of Nel’s Tax Help, LLC. A wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur, Shan-Nel's joy is to share her experiences in work and in life so others can win. When she is not working and writing, she loves spending time with family and friends and receiving great pedicures.

You can learn more about Shan-Nel at https://www.shanneldsimmons.com

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