A Missing Madonna

A Missing Madonna

Book Cover: A Missing Madonna
Editions:Kindle: $ 6.99 USD

by Cicely van Straten

After being devastated by Idi Amin’s reign of terror, Uganda has been recovering under President Museveni. Schools and colleges founded by early missionaries once again producing pupils of promise. In spite of the AIDS epidemic, resilience, love and laughter abound.

The missionary sisters of St Mary’s School on Kubiri Hill are run ragged when Ignatia, their star science pupil, is kidnapped together with explosive chemicals from the science labs. The statue of a Madonna and Child, beloved of their AIDS orphans, is also stolen three times by different thieves. The sisters set out on crazy hunts for Ignatia and the Madonna. Laugh and cry in Buganda County where schools for thieves abound and anything is possible.

Reviews:Kristin Bauer on Amazon wrote:

A wonderful book! A great read! So much fun - I highly recommend!

About the Author

Cicely van Straten lived her formative years in Uganda. She has published a number of books for South African children and youth. Her book, Huberta’s Journey, earned a White Raven Award. She now lives in South Africa and writes for adult readers as well.

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