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A Missing Madonna – Christian Book Club

A Missing Madonna

A Missing Madonna

Book Cover: A Missing Madonna

by Cicely van Straten

After being devastated by Idi Amin’s reign of terror, Uganda has been recovering under President Museveni. Schools and colleges founded by early missionaries once again produce pupils of promise. In spite of the AIDS epidemic, resilience, love and laughter abound. The missionary sisters of St Mary’s School on Kubiri Hill are run ragged when Ignatia, their star science pupil, is kidnapped together with explosive chemicals from the science labs. The statue of a Madonna and Child, beloved of their AIDS orphans, is also stolen three times by different thieves. The sisters set out on crazy hunts for Ignatia and the Madonna. Laugh and cry in Buganda County where schools for thieves abound and anything is possible.

Reviews:Kristin Bauer on Amazon wrote:

A wonderful book! A great read! So much fun - I highly recommend!

Gina Burgess on Amazon wrote:

This is an insightful look at Christianity in Uganda. I would recommend this read for lots of reasons. The warmth of the people, their love of God, their ability to solve problems and the part prayer takes in daily lives. It is definitely written from a Catholic point of view and gives insights to the warmth and deep love of God of the Uganda people.

This book was originally published in South Africa, so there are some words and phrases (explained in the glossary) that are unusual and unknown to us Americans. Also, the style of writing is not quite like ours, but it is a worthy read.

Cicely grew up in East Africa and Uganda found a special place in her heart. She depicts a Buganda recovered from the ravages of Idi Ami and celebrates the resilience of its people, especially those African women and Christian nuns dedicated to 'excellence of the best' in education. Sorrow, alarm and hilarity walk side by side on Kubiri Hill near Lake Victoria. The characters are drawn from people Cicely has known and noted in her writer's notebook over the years. She welcomes you to a little patch of the Africa she loves.

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