A Ball’s Game

A Ball’s Game

Book Cover: A Ball's Game

by Stefan Mathis

Follow Bennie the Talking baseball in his journey from humble beginnings to fame and glory on America's grandest stage--A Major League Baseball diamond. You'll soon discover there is more at the heart of a baseball than a bunch of string. At the heart, there is a hope to find home. Will Bennie make it? Find out, as he and his friends faceoff in an epic clash with the bats

Reviews: Kim McDermaid on Amazon wrote:

This an awesome story. A great read for all ages.

About the Author...

Stefan Mathis

I live in Central Florida with my 14 year old special needs son. His belief that " Take Me Out to the Ball Game" is my favorite song inspired me to write this book. Growing up, the only thing I ever wanted to become was a Major League Baseball player. That dream ended when I started college with no baseball scholarships. I still love baseball so I wrote a story about talking baseballs. Also enjoy watching, and sometimes playing football, street hockey, racquet ball, and snorkeling.

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