50 Years a Mormon

50 Years a Mormon

Book Cover: 50 Years a Mormon
ISBN: 978-1545621240

by D.A. Hydrick

Synopsis – 50 Years a Mormon

What is the difference between Mormonism and mainstream Christianity?

Why is it important?

What is God’s plan for our salvation and how do we attain it?

All of these questions and more are answered through the proper understanding of God’s grace.  “For it is by grace you have been saved” (Ephesians 2:8).

Most Mormons live very stressful lives due to their misunderstanding of “be ye therefore perfect”.  Perfection only comes through acceptance of Jesus Christ as your savior and placing your faith in him.  We cannot attain perfection through our works ... we cannot earn our way to heaven.

Author D A Hydrick details his former life as a Mormon and how the Holy Spirit led him to “gospel of grace Christianity”.  Wanting to share his new found freedom and joy with others, Mr. Hydrick has undertaken this work.

In “50 Years a Mormon”, specific Mormon doctrine and biblical truths are compared side by side.  This approach brings new light and clarity to God’s word.

Reviews:Laurie Schlaepfer on Cokesbury wrote:

Don Hydrick opens his soul as he tells his own story of his journey out of Mormonism. Drawn by God's grace, he left the religion he had practiced for 50 years and found freedom in placing his trust in Jesus alone. Not content to keep this joy to himself, he has bravely undertaken this well researched book. His tone is not one of condescension and bitterness, but of gratitude and love. Worth reading! Laurie Schlaepfer Adjunct Professor of World Religions, Western Seminary San Jose

Pastor Michael Baggett on Cokesbury wrote:

I have known Don for several years and have the pleasure of seeing him pursue God and align his faith with truth. His journey to know God has led him to experience grace, freedom and a deep confidence of who he is in Christ. Mormonism can be a bit confusing for many, especially Christians. This book is written extremely well. It explains what a large majority of Mormons believe about God and the Bible but does so in a way that leads us to compassion and understanding and love and not judgment. Pastor Michael Baggett Strategic Ministry Development, Principles To Live By

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