Book Cover: Curandero
Editions:: $ 3.99 USD

by R. L. Mosz

Terminally ill at the young age of twenty-seven, frustrated and bitter toward modern medicine and life in general, Stefan escapes up the coast to the scenic town of Acantilado del Mar to die.
With his life on a downward spiral, he meets young, effervescent Samantha and pleads with her to help him with his greatest remaining concern--adopting his dog, Rebel, when the time comes.
Samantha agrees, but only if Stefan will consent to meet an alternative doctor, Miguel Calderón, who helped her mother recover from cancer.
But as Stefan reluctantly begins treatment with the enigmatic doctor, he is plagued with increasingly disturbing dreams and forced to face shattering truths about himself, including that he gave up on living long before he ever became ill.
And as Stefan begins to recapture some glimmers of joy in being alive, Samantha finds that her picture-perfect life begins to crumble. She grows increasingly dissatisfied with the materialistic, superficial aspects of her fiancé, Richard, and questions if the ideal life she envisioned exists.
Curandero is a book about embracing life as it is with all its pains and defects and understanding that every life holds value, no matter how short or long.
Reviews:L. Wilson on Amazon wrote:

As a holistic practitioner myself, it was good to read a story that so aligns with my personal philosophy of a healthy lifestyle. But the gut-wrenching journey to wellness gives a pretty darn good inside look at just how excruciating the choice is to move in the direction of that healthy lifestyle. I think it's a great read.

Mainestly on Amazon wrote:

This book is simple and well written and tells a story we need to know. What sickness is, how healing works, and how emotions affect both health and illness… These subjects should not be mysteries. This book puts it all in a simple, clear, understandable, and engaging form, inviting readers to invest in themselves.

Michelle Cronkhite on Amazon wrote:

Curandero is a heartwarming story that takes off right from the beginning. There are no slow parts and I always looked forward to getting back to the story. I was not able to know how it would turn out and enjoyed the way it did. I have read R.L. Mosz's other stories (each story different) and have not been disappointed. Can't wait for the next one. Please keep them coming, R. L. Mosz. Thank you

About the Author...

R. L. Mosz is the author of three indie novels: The Keeper, Curandero, and Roses in December. Themes of her books are healing, drama, and clean romance. She is inspired by nature and by faith

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