10 Times Better

10 Times Better

Book Cover: 10 Times Better

by Bernard W. Deslandis

This book will guide you through ten intensive days of spiritual warfare prayers utilizing the strategy of power praying – prayers that are direct, to the point and focused. Your faith will be empowered to rise to the next level while your soul is being strengthened to overcome, as whatever was challenging before will come under the fire of God’s power working through you. As you lift your faith in prayer and develop a positive outlook towards your educational pursuits, the results of your hard work will be seen and the key of successfully completing your studies will be given into your hands to unlock doors of opportunity and blessings in your life.

The prayers and revelations throughout this book are taken from the life of Daniel and the three Hebrew Boys, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah - young men who exhibited tremendous academic qualities and achieved great results because of their commitment to God. They had a lifestyle of prayer and faith. This faith ultimately catapulted them to become 10 TIMES BETTER than their peers. If you are ready to improve in your learning or to see your children improve, this book is definitely for you. Break barriers, remove obstacles and overcome limitations that have been standing in the way of your intellectual capabilities and progress. Become all you can be and profit from your years of study and hard work when you enter into the working world. Expect results as you pray and apply yourself in faith.

Begin by taking the ten day challenge to become 10 TIMES BETTER by utilizing the spiritual wisdom and prayer guide in this book, and watch God lift you up to higher heights and new levels of success. And when you are done if you feel led to – do it again! My Prayer is that God will make you 10 TIMES BETTER in your educational pursuits and career as you go through this book!

Reviews: Andy on Amazon wrote:

Excellent Book. This book is loaded with powerful spiritual warfare prayers and instructions. I recommend this to Christians who are hungry for the things of God and a higher education to read this powerful book.

Jenn on Amazon wrote:

Excellent knowledge and insight. Also effective with results. Blessed our family

About the Author...

Bernard W. Deslandes is an Ordained Minister, International Speaker, Bible Teacher and Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Minister. He has an unquenchable passion for seeing the oppressed delivered and those who are spiritually bound set free.

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